The Registrar’s Office is responsible for maintaining accurate academic records of all students who are or have been enrolled at Thomas College; for providing transcripts and other official records as requested by an authorized individual; and for facilitating the registration of students and for administering the College’s academic policies. The responsibilities support the College’s academic mission.

The Registrar’s Office coordinates academic activities including course registration, production of grade sheets, creation and maintenance of academic records, certification of students for continued enrollment and graduation, approval of transfer credit to Thomas College and general advising.

Thomas College adheres to NECHE and federal guidelines regarding the determination of credit hours awarded for courses and programs and awards academic credit based on those guidelines in combination with the stated learning objectives as approved through the faculty governance system. Courses that are offered in non-traditional or accelerated formats are approved by the faculty based on a review of the academic plan at the course or program level that includes the attainment of the approved learning outcomes and how they are accomplished in that non-standard format.