Scholarships for Current Students

Scholarships for New and Current Students

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the following scholarships are available for students. To be considered for the following scholarships, a student must file the FAFSA and demonstrate financial need as determined by the Student Financial Services Office. No additional application is necessary, unless otherwise noted. All final determinations are made by the Student Financial Services Office. Living status may affect some awards.

  • Agnes Lindsay Scholarship
  • Alden Trust
  • Alpha Gamma Delta Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Bingham Scholars Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Brian and Earleen Phillips Family Scholarship
  • Chuck and Maria Hays Scholarship
  • The Cindy Lepley Memorial Scholarship
  • David Crowell Memorial Scholarship
  • Ford Grant Memorial Scholarship
  • The Francis F. Bartlett, JR. Scholarship Fund
  • Greenville Lakers Scholarship
  • H. Allen Ryan Scholarship
  • The Harold and Bibby Alfond Scholarship
  • J. Alfred Boucher Scholarship Fund
  • Johnson W. and Ann S. Parks Memorial Scholarships
  • Lisa Forsley Memorial Scholarship
  • Margaret Marmet Endowment
  • Morris Endowment Fund
  • Osher Foundation Scholarship
  • Paul J. Mithcell, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Peoples Heritage Bank Scholarship
  • Rancourt Scholarship
  • Rebecca Kane Memorial Scholarship
  • Special Education Opportunity Scholarship
  • Treetops Scholarship Fund

Read more about our scholarships for new and current students in the Course Catalog.

Scholarships for Current Students (Application Required)

Applications available from Student Financial Services in April of current academic year for following academic year.

  • Alumni Scholarship
  • Bernadean Staples Accounting Scholarship
  • Charles P. Ryan Memorial Scholarship
  • Drucy’s Scholarship Fund
  • Faculty & Staff Scholarship
  • Kathryn Colby-McInnis Award
  • Dr. Nelson Madore Scholarship
  • Nina-Lee Warnick Memorial Award
  • Salvatore Leone and Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Stephen Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Student Success Grants
    Thomas College undergraduate day students may apply for this scholarship. Students may apply for a Student Success Grant if all avenues of payment (FAFSA, payment plan, credit agreement, work-study deduction, PLUS loan application, Private Loan application, etc.) have been explored and the student is unable to pay their balance in order to register for courses for the coming term. Application will be reviewed by a committee consisting of, but not limited to, the Senior Director of Student Financial Services, Senior Vice President, VP of Student Success, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Registrar. Grant amounts are awarded on an individual basis.

Read more about our scholarships for current students in the Course Catalog.