Judicial Appeal Form

A request for an appeal may only be submitted when the student believes:

  1. There is new information that was not available at the time of the original hearing/review that could impact the outcome
  2. Reason to believe that proper procedure may have been violated.

Decisions may not be appealed solely on the basis of dissatisfaction with the sanction or if the original Judicial Hearing was not attended by the student.

The appeal must be submitted to the VP for Student Affairs (AD-127) within three (3) business days of the respondent’s receipt of the written decision (which will be sent to the respondent’s Thomas College email).

The appeal will be reviewed after receipt of this document to determine if an appeal meets the criteria to warrant a review. Outcomes shall be disclosed in writing. After reviewing an appeal request:

  1. If the appeal meets the criteria a review hearing will be scheduled.
  2. If the appeal does not meet the criteria the appeal will be denied and the student notified.

While an appeal is being considered or a scheduled appeal hearing is pending, the original sanctions imposed remain in effect.

If an appeal meets the criteria, a Review Hearing will be scheduled. As a result of the Review Hearing, one of the following may be concluded:

  1. Deny the appeal and uphold the decisions of the original sanction.
  2. Grant the appeal and issue a new outcome/sanction.

All decisions made through a Review Hearing are final and will be communicated with the student following the Hearing.

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