Feeding Your Body, Mind and Soul Web Director | December 4, 2018

Beth Gibbs M.B.A. ’93 thinks health and wellness is a crucial part of life.

“In order for me to be the best I can be for myself and for others, health and wellness is one of my top personal and professional goals,” said Beth.

As the Senior Vice President of Financial Affairs at Thomas College, Beth has worked for the College for 30 years. She oversees Accounting, Physical Plant, Student Financial Services, and Human Resources.

“I enjoy helping young people realize their dreams through higher education,” said Beth. “Ultimately, higher education also has a dramatic impact on our State’s economy.”

When Beth is not working at the College, she’s very involved with her community. She’s been involved with the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce, the Central Maine Growth Council and Inland Hospital boards for several years.

“Supporting community and regional efforts through board work is my way of giving back to my community and enjoying the progress toward growth in our region,” said Beth, who is a Winslow, Maine resident.

Besides being involved in the community, Beth also thinks taking care of herself is crucial.Morning drink

“Feeding your body, mind and soul is very important,” she said. “One way that I feed my body is through a breakfast drink specially formulated to address my health needs.”

Beth says this drink is very beneficial if you have inflammation in your muscles, joints or tissues.

“Each morning I make a green based drink containing mostly anti-inflammatory foods. I start with a base of kale or spinach, add fresh apple, celery, a beet, fresh ginger slices, organic golden ground flax, cinnamon, turmeric, organic pea protein, frozen berries (from local farms), black cherry juice, flax milk, and a tablespoon of organic cider vinegar,” said Beth.

She mixes all the ingredients in a Nutribullet.

“This is my regimen but can be adjusted to fit your needs,” said Beth. “Adding other vegetables like broccoli or fruit like pineapple, also has anti-inflammation impact. Ground Chia seed, walnuts, or Greek yogurt are also helpful and offer a different flavor and texture.”

She often mixes three daily shakes at once to save time since there are so many ingredients.

Beth said she developed her choices over time until she found the right combination for her. It’s a huge help for her health and happiness.