Finance Major Lauren Poirier ‘20 on her Personal Growth at Thomas College MacKenzie Riley Young | February 21, 2020
lauren and friends

Lauren Poirier ‘20 was not an outgoing person during high school – but says her time at Thomas College has changed that. Lauren says being in clubs and meeting different people here at the College helped to push her out of her comfort zone – and faculty and staff alike are here for students to succeed and grow during their time here and in life after graduating.

“Thomas College is a close community where everyone knows everyone. Students care about each other and great friendships and memories are created,” she said. “Professors and students have great relationships and work one-on-one with students to create success. Faculty and staff work with students even after graduation, and you are not forgotten.”  

Lauren is a part of the Student Philanthropy Team, on the intramural volleyball team and works as a student employee in the Registrar’s Office.

A finance major, Lauren hopes to have a career in personal budgeting and planning.

Overall, Lauren’s happy she chose to attend Thomas: “I toured many other schools, but it never felt right. When I stepped on campus, I knew this is where I belonged.”