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Interested in protecting people and information? Thomas College’s security studies program, which includes Criminal Justice and Cybersecurity, equips you for a growing and high-demand career. Learn from professionals who have experience in the industry, and join a growing network of alumni who have high-success in their careers.

What Our Faculty Wish to Share

Student Success Stories

“You learn how to talk to people when it’s a small school. Knowing how to talk to a person is one of the biggest things you need to be a Marine Patrol Officer. The college helped me a lot with both my career and personal life, and I’m thankful for that.”

Ricky DerBoghosian ’15
Maine Marine Patrol Officer, Department of Marine Resources

Ricky DerBoghosian - Criminal Justice
Ashley Wiles - Cybersecurity

“The thing that sets Thomas College’s cybersecurity program apart is that in genuinely prepared me for my job. Thomas has provided me with everything I could’ve asked for to establish a great future for myself. From my academic advisor, career advisor, professors – each and every one of them are invested in my future and success.”

Ashley Wiles ’23
Technology Compliance Analyst, Systems Engineering

Classes & Connections

Criminal Justice Job Fair

Criminal Justice Job Fair

Our Security Studies programs stand out from others by focusing on practical training so you can apply your degree to real-world situations. Your professors will be professionals who have worked in the field.

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Program Offerings

Your Security Studies Team Leaders

Frank Appunn Professor of Cybersecurity and Project Management [email protected] 207-859-1369
Steven Dyer Instructor of Criminal Justice [email protected] 207-859-1377
Jonathan Grady Assistant Professor of Computer Science [email protected] 207-859-1373
Kshanti Greene Assistant Professor of Computer Science [email protected] 207-859-1365
Tracey Horton Professor of Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice [email protected] 207-859-1466
Laurie Ochs Associate Professor of Criminal Justice [email protected] 207-859-1359
Alicia McCarthy Associate Professor of Criminal Justice [email protected] 207-859-1341
Mark Marsolais Professor of Criminal Justice and Security [email protected] 207-859-1357