Finding His Voice at Thomas College MacKenzie Riley Young | December 17, 2019
Gabe Crosby presenting

Gabe Crosby, Elementary Education student, describes the Lunder School of Education at Thomas College as forward-thinking.  
“Thomas is preparing us for the direction that education is headed in. Professors are integrating new findings and giving us tools to teach according to the changing landscape of education,” says Gabe. “From grading systems to technologies to methods, the education program is preparing us for success when we get in the classroom.”  

Gabe adds that he’s learning a lot in the classroom because of its student-driven nature – and has been encouraged to gain skills and knowledge outside of the classroom.  

Last semester, Gabe and his classmates worked with a group of gifted and talented students from a local middle school – Messalonskee – to create STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) projects. Their team developed a to-scale model of the solar system.  

“It was a really unique experience to be on a team of pre-service teachers, teaching a lesson that we created, and then guiding our students to the end product of something they could keep and share with their school for classes to come.”  

Gabe was also given the opportunity to present his experience in his STEAM classes at two statewide professional education conferences: the Maine Association for Middle Level Educators and the Maine Educators Association Conference – something most undergraduate students are not given the opportunity to do.  

“It was daunting as a first-semester freshman to present in front of professional educators and administrators, but it’s a sign of how much the faculty here values their students and how highly they think of the work we do,” notes Gabe.  

Gabe says he was influenced to become a teacher because of a family history in the profession and a desire to inspire students. 

“I can see the effects that teachers have on students in their educational and personal lives, and I want part of that. I think that in the world we live in, kids need positivity and success. They need someone to tell them that they are capable and that their hard work will always pay off.”  

And Gabe is excited to be that voice for students one day.  

At Thomas College, he has experienced that support firsthand from professors and staff members.  

“Thomas allows you to find your voice; gives you the tools you need to succeed beyond the classroom; and, helps you start your professional experience as soon as possible.” 

*This article was originally published in the Fall 2019 Thomas Magazine.