Finding Success in the IT Field MacKenzie Riley Young | January 8, 2020

As an IT Support Technician at Thomas College, no two days are the same for Taylan Thomas ’19. His job largely consists of assisting staff, faculty and students with various problems – as well as system maintenance.

“I learn new things every day. Sometimes it’s a certain skill or knowledge about how something works. Other times, it’s just weird solutions to even weirder problems.”

taylan thomas

Taylan learned these problem-solving skills throughout his time at Thomas College. Before becoming a full-time employee, he studied computer science and cybersecurity as well as worked as a student employee in the IT department. He says this experience helped him immensely to transition from student to full-time staff.

“Each of the professors in the computer science and cybersecurity programs are highly-skilled in their fields and more than happy to help students in their pursuit of knowledge,” he said. “They don’t just want students to pass a test, they truly want students to understand and learn the content.”

Now, as an employee he’s able to continue his education – while on the job, and in the classroom as a benefit of working here.

“You should consider attending Thomas College if you’re seriously motivated about your education. Thomas College offers you the tools to learn a lot of skills and they will actively help you pursue knowledge. The small class sizes and dedicated professors will help you hone your skills and knowledge of topics.”

Overall, Taylan is happy he found himself here at Thomas College. He’s proud of what’s he accomplished so far and thankful for the people who helped him along the way.