Five Things to Know About Ed MacKenzie Riley Young | December 17, 2019

Ed Cervone is new to the Thomas College team; over the summer, he jumped into his role as Executive Director of the Center for Innovation in Education and VP of Strategic Partnerships. Bump into Ed in the hall and he will offer a high-energy smile and crack a quick joke, but don’t let his fun demeanor fool you – Ed is all about collaborating with stakeholders; finding new ways to get more done; and, growing the institution in smart ways. We asked him a few questions to highlight his work and wit.  

  1. You previously led an organization called Educate Maine and now are heading up the Center for Innovation in Education (CIE). Why is education the field for you?  

    I enjoy working in education because it is the means to so many desired ends.  Education is the best investment we can make in our people, in our communities, and in Maine.  It is the means to a good job.  It is the means to good health. It is the means to a high quality of life. It is where we can have the most positive impact and make long-lasting change. 
  2. Now that you have had a chance to roll up your sleeves at Thomas, what do you envision for the CIE?  

    I envision the CIE fully living into its mission. Its reputation will continue to grow as a special place in Maine where educators learn how to integrate technology into their work. It is where they can see the real connections between science and art. It is where they can learn from professionals, on and off campus, how to prepare students for a quickly evolving world. The CIE will help the Lunder School of Education students learn how to be innovative and entrepreneurial, prepared to succeed in the classroom.   
  3. You live in Norway, Maine, and commute to Waterville, so we’re guessing you like the radio or podcasts. What are you listening to these days?  

    I like to catch the news early in the morning and in the early evening on Maine Public radio.  Halfway through I switch to music.  Either WKIT – Stephen King’s radio station – or some heavy metal stored on my phone.   
  4. What do you read and recommend – for work or for fun?  

    When I am not working, I read a lot of fiction. I love horror and thriller stories.  
  5. It’s the middle of the day and you’re grabbing lunch in the Dining Center. What’s on your plate?  

    I love the food in the Dining Center. For lunch, I tend to gravitate to salad and soup and then finish up with a peanut butter cookie. It’s nice to have so many great, fresh options.