Focusing on the Health and Well-being of Her Whole Self Web Director | October 11, 2018

Dena Wade grew up in New Hampshire but returned to her birthplace in Maine to live when she was 20 and currently lives in Skowhegan. She received her AS in General Studies at the University of Maine at Augusta and her BA in counseling at Nazarene Bible College in Colorado. Dena and her husband Bill between them have six children and seven grandchildren.

Dena has worked as an administrative assistant for Student Affairs for more than nine years.

“I like the variety of things I do here at Thomas, including planning for and staffing events, creating and editing newsletters and other publications, and being a club advisor,” she said. “I enjoy the interactions with staff and students and the supportive and welcoming atmosphere. The campus is also beautiful, and I love walking on the new trail!”

Outside of work, Dena is involved in many activities.

“Church involvement and Bible study, which help to ground me in my faith; playing piano and writing, which allow me a creative and emotional outlet; gardening, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, which get me moving and allow me to spend time in nature, which restores my soul; and, volunteering my time and resources in various ways with organizations and individuals, allowing me to give back some of the blessings I have received in my life,” said Dena.

“Family and friends are very important in giving me a sense of community with others, but I also enjoy spending time alone to regroup and recharge. Being involved in activities outside of work helps my life to be multidimensional, keeps me active and healthy, and gives me something to look forward to outside of work,” she said.
dena wade
Dena focuses a lot of her energy on health and wellness – in all aspects of her life.

“Physically, by getting proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep; intellectually, by learning new things such as languages; keeping up on current events and being curious and researching things for myself; and, spiritually, by sharing my resources and life lessons with those around me, as well as striving to keep my actions congruent with my beliefs and values,” said Dena.

And, this does not come without work, said Dena.

“I have become more emotionally well over the years as I worked through difficult events in my life through counseling, self-examination, and changing my self-talk. I am still growing and learning in all these aspects of my life, and, to me, the knowledge that I always have more to learn makes me a healthier and more authentic person,” she said. “Balance in all these areas of wellness is important, as all aspects of our health are interconnected and when one area suffers, the others do as well.”

Dena said she’s had great success in focusing on her health.

“I was able to greatly reduce my allergy symptoms and the pain of fibromyalgia by eliminating some foods from my diet, and I’m continuing to learn all the time as I study the impact of foods on health. My life experiences and faith in God have helped me over the years to grow into a stronger and healthier person physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” said Dena.

“I am grateful to be able to use the lessons and experiences of my life so far to help those around me when I am given the opportunity, even when it is simply to listen and show that I care.”