Fulfilling Her Grandmother’s Promise Web Director | May 8, 2019

Tavia Robshaw ’19 came from a very poor family. College wasn’t something she considered or even thought about. But, her grandmother had other plans for her. Tavia decided to attend college once her grandmother made her promise she would go to school and make something of herself, she said. 

“I had many doubts along the way, but I’m at the finish line now, and it was all worth it.” 

Tavia will graduate from Thomas College on May 11.  

At Thomas, she has been involved with the leadership academy and TRIO. She’ll miss the connections she has made here, including with Professor Darlene Ratte. 

“She is one of the most kind, understanding, and hardworking women I know. Darlene has shown me that there are still so many possibilities with my degree that I would have never thought of. It’s just a stepping stone of what I will accomplish in the future.” 

Tavia grew up in East Wilton, Maine, where everyone knows each other, and they all support one another throughout life. She never thought she’d end up where she is today- graduating from college and moving on to the next phase her in life. 

“I feel like Thomas helped me grow a thicker skin. I’ve had to take classes that put me outside my comfort zone and classes with professors who drive you to do your best, even if that’s past your breaking point,” said Tavia. 

Overall, she is proud to be graduating with her bachelor’s degree this month – especially since she supported herself financially. 

“I am a self-supporting student who comes from a poor background; and, I want other students like me who have gone through trials in their lives to know that they will make it through this, and it will be worth all those late nights and countless classes.”