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Accelerated MBA

Learn business theories, models, and tools, apply knowledge in order to solve concrete business and managerial problems

Gain the ability to adapt and innovate in unpredictable business environments

Develop management and leadership skills adaptable for leadership in diverse business cultures

Identify and analyze business problems from a global perspective.

Apply legal and ethical responsibilities toward business scenarios and management decisions

Demonstrate competency in utilizing information technologies

Demonstrate the capacity to communicate with divers groups

Our faculty are leaders in business and accounting


Explore theories of crime causation

Discover the criminal justice system in the larger context of the social, cultural, and political arenas

Identify change agents within the fields of criminal justice, social services, government and public policy

Select and employ design and analysis skills necessary to drive evidence-based decision making within criminology

Develop strategies to inform the vast array of stakeholders on emerging trends in the field of criminal justice

You’ll have professors who are experts in their field…

Are you interested in:

Part-Time Programs of Study in Business

Analyze, interpret, evaluate the financial statements of an organization and assess its financial position

Apply managerial and ethical concepts as well as analytical methods to organizational strategy

Assess the impact of regional, national, and global economic trends on business and society

Apply quantitative and qualitative decision-making tools to solve business problems

MBA Part-Time

MBA - Human Resources

MBA - Project Management

Healthcare Management

Professors who have real experience in business.

Part-Time Programs of Study in Education

An advanced degree that will put your talent in focus.

Identify and describe the social, political, legal, and economic context of education

Identify and apply current methods and principles of curriculum design, instruction, and assessment

Design and conduct applied research in the educational field and report the results

Examine the educators’ roles and duties in addressing the needs of students and families at risk

Find, retrieve, analyze and use information relevant to contemporary field of education

Master of Science in Education

Master of Science in Educational Leadership

Master of Science in Literacy Education

Professors who are also leaders in education.


Learn how to help an organization recognize their risks, find solutions, and prevent a cyber crises

Gain understanding of innovation from technology benefits that need defending.

Deliver projects and change to organizations while avoiding cyber losses

Become proficient in technology and cyber strategy, tactics, and management

Relate to cyber resources within and outside the firm to optimize success

Be prepared to become a Cyber Professional that can leverage your new knowledge.

Learn from cybersecurity experts.


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