Growing into Her Own Web Director | April 12, 2019

When Sophia Calandriello ‘21 was in high school, she was very shy. So, she was nervous about going to college for the first time and meeting all new people. Two years later, Sophia has gained more confidence. 

“Thomas College has really helped me grow into my own,” said Sophia. “Being in this environment has made a huge difference. I’m friends with people now that I never would have been in high school, and I’m a lot more comfortable speaking to people that I don’t know. I think that my confidence level is higher because of Thomas. I can also speak in public and I’m no longer scared to give presentations, which isn’t something anyone managed to fix in my high school.”  

Sophia has tutored for the EDGE program, is a member of the Dance Team, and is studying forensic psychology.  

“I’ve always really enjoyed trying to figure out why people act the way they do,” she said.  

When Sophia was looking for a college to attend, she had trouble finding a college with a forensic psychology program. When she finally found Thomas College, she was ecstatic.  

She hopes to one day work with juvenile offenders to try to rehabilitate them.  

So far, she’s really enjoyed the program – especially the psychology professors. 

“Dr. Lepley, Dr. Horton, and Dr. Dickson are all very different people with different views on things and different methods of teaching, so I feel like I’m getting a more rounded learning experience because of that,” she said.  

Luckily, the forensic psychology program is not the only reason Sophia has grown to love Thomas College. She appreciates the small campus size and the great sense of community it brings.  

“It’s really nice to know that I’m on a campus that is dedicated to its students and whose students are dedicated back,” said Sophia.