Healthier and Happier Web Director | July 9, 2018

After Pat Goodnow graduated with her Bachelor’s in Mathematics, she spent 35 years in the restaurant industry in general management positions. Next, she owned her own business for five years, and two years ago she found her way to Thomas – where she hopes to stay until she retires.

Pat, the Accounts Payable Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, was looking for a change of pace, better work hours, and benefits. She loves what she does.

In January 2017, Pat was inspired after taking a six-week wellness class at Maine General.

“At the end of each class, we were asked to set a goal of what we wanted to accomplish that week. I was focused on losing weight and getting to a healthier me,” she said. “With tips and suggestions from class, I was able to do that.”

A year and a half later, Pat has been able to keep off 25 pounds that she lost, and she exercises on a regular basis. She feels great and her goal is to stay active and healthy.

“I’m done with yo-yoing back and forth with my weight, diet, and exercise habits.”

Pat keeps a log of everything she eats, which holds her accountable. She exercises at home with walks outside or on the treadmill. She also enjoys – and finds helpful – an online exercise program called “The Daily Burn.” The community is very supportive and also knows how to have fun.

“My advice for others who are trying to achieve a healthier life style is to stay focused, but allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes. Get involved with things that keep you moving. For some, traditional exercise and going to the gym is not for them. Take walks, bike ride, hike, kayak, ski,” she said. “Find what motivates you and keeps you focused on your goal. Also, have a wellness community around you for support.”

Pat says health and wellness isn’t just about being physically healthy.

“It’s not only eating properly and getting exercise; it’s about being happy with yourself and the relationships you have with other people; being positive about life; laughing even in the most serious situations; and, giving to others while not expecting anything in return.”