IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fall 2021 Return to Campus Safely Plan MacKenzie Riley Young | July 21, 2021

Posted: July 21, 2021 at 1:03 p.m.

To the Thomas College community,

The health and safety of the entire Thomas College community has guided our decision-making process throughout the many long months of this pandemic.  Mitigation measures like masking and testing kept our community safe and in-person during the worst of the pandemic last winter.  I will forever feel pride that we showed everyone what was possible when a community unites behind a cause larger than any one member.

While this fall will be far more normal than last fall on our campus, we all know the virus is still present in our communities and continues to impact our lives, our families, and our friends.  Now, as the beginning of the fall 2021 semester is fast approaching in this environment, I wanted to share a high-level overview of the key features of our Fall 2021 Return to Campus Safely Plan—designed to safely provide nearly normal experiences in the least intrusive way possible:

  • No vaccine mandate for students, faculty, or staff.  Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is the single biggest risk mitigation act a community member can make.  The College continues to strongly encourage every member of the community to get one without delay in order to enjoy campus life as fully as possible
  • Unvaccinated community members will be required to take additional safety protocols.  These include following the Maine CDC guideline that requires unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask indoors.  Thomas College will also require unvaccinated community members to participate in a campus COVID-19 testing program 
  • Vaccinated community members will not be required to test or to wear a mask indoors
  • Classrooms and offices will return to normal capacities
  • Dining will remain de-densified
  • Guests are required to wear masks if they are not vaccinated

 There are two critical next steps every member of this community must now take:

  • Confirm your vaccination status with the College no later than August 13 
  • Electronically sign the updated Terrier Pledge no later than September 6

Students, additional details on housing, instructions on how to confirm your vaccination status, and electronically sign the Terrier Pledge will be sent to you by Lisa Desautels-Poliquin, Vice-President of Student Affairs in the upcoming week.  Student athletes will also receive additional information from Chris Parsons, Director of Athletics in the upcoming week.

Faculty and staff members will receive additional details, instructions on how to confirm your vaccination status, and electronically sign the Terrier Pledge from Michelle Joler-Labbe, Chief Human Recourses Officer in the upcoming week.

These steps– along with the caring and support of the entire community toward keeping each other safe–will give us the best shot at having a safe and nearly normal academic year on the Thomas College campus.  Thank you for your patience, devotion, and support to this community and together we will have a remarkable and memorable year together on campus!

With deep respect and gratitude, 

Laurie G. Lachance, President 

Thomas College

Laurie G. Lachance
180 W River Rd, Waterville, ME 04901

If you have questions related to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].