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Incoming Student Course Registration Process Web Director | May 17, 2022

Congratulations, you are a Thomas Terrier! Entering college is a big step in your life, and we are here to help you with that transition! One part of the process that many students have questions about is course registration.  The following information is what you need to know to set up your schedule for the fall.  

  1. Once you deposited, you received an email from Thomas College. Follow the link emailed to you to set up your MyThomas account and access your Onboarding Checklist. Use this link to generate your personalized checklist:  

    If you do not have access to that email or you are struggling to get into your MyThomas account, please reach out to the Service Desk ([email protected]).  
  2. Once you are in your onboarding checklist, find the form called “Course Registration Form”.  

    – The Registrar’s Office knows which classes you are required to take for your major, so letting them know your other interests is very important. Your fall schedule will be a mix of courses required for your major, general education core courses required of all students, and electives. All courses in your schedule will count toward degree completion.

    – You can use the drop-down menu next to the types of general education classes to let the registrar’s office know your preferences for general education courses in your first semester. If you are very interested in taking a history course in your first semester, for example, give that a 1 in the drop-down options. If not, give it a 4.

    – There is a “notes” section in which you can communicate other considerations, like your works schedule, when in the day you would like to have classes (early in the day vs. afternoon), and how close together you want your classes to be (back-to-back or spread out throughout the day).

    – This form is due on May 20.

  3. Once the Course Registration form is filled out, the registrar’s office will generate a schedule for you based on the information provided! They will do their best to honor your course preferences. Their priority will be making sure you are in the classes you most need for your degree. Before New Student Day, if you have any questions about this form or your class schedule, you can reach out to the registrar’s office at [email protected].   
  4. You do not need to worry about your schedule again until New Student Day! At New Student Day, you will have access to your class schedule and will be able to meet with faculty advisors who can answer all your questions. At this point, if you have any questions about your schedule, please reach out to your faculty advisor.  

We hope this brief overview helps clear up any questions you have about course registration. If you need any more assistance, please reach out to your admissions counselor.  

For more information about New Student Day go to: