Alumni Use Policy

Future graduates: Student computer/email/network/cloud accounts are disabled two months after your grades are processed by the Registrar’s office. Please remove all files from your OneDrive and SharePoint drives, all email, and all email subscriptions before you receive your grades. Students are encouraged to get an off-campus email account as soon as two months before graduation.

Options include:

  1. A low-cost Office 365 Personal account for services that are almost the same as what you have used at Thomas as a student. Create an account here. Also see How to move your files, emails, contacts and calendar items from Office 365 ProPlus to Office 365 Personal .
  2. A free account for services that are similar to what you have used at Thomas as a student. Create a free account.
  3. Email services from any other provider (Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Graduates or other former students in good financial standing and not dismissed also have the ability to have an address that forwards to any non- e-mail address. To request this, please contact IT Services as soon as possible so you can start giving this to others now, including using this address on your resume and cover letters. Your alumni email address will include your student username and your grad. year (example: [email protected]). You may also want to consider forwarding your student e-mail account to your primary non-Thomas address now.

To keep a student account active when moving from one division to another, register for classes in the new division before finishing courses in the current division. Dismissed students accounts are suspended for 9 months, then deleted. The myThomas system remains accessible to alumni for academic and financial information.

Google Apps accounts are suspended for 9 months, then deleted. Please transfer the ownership of all documents to a private Google account before your receive your grades. Instructions for transferring ownership

Adobe accounts are suspended for 9 months, then deleted as well. Graduates are encouraged to migrate their Adobe content to a free, personal Adobe account before they graduate. Instructions on how to migrate content can be found here.

Alumni may receive special pricing on various services. Please visit the Alumni myThomas system for more information. If you are not given the Alumni myThomas menu after you log in, please send an email to [email protected] to report this problem.