Graduate and Professional Studies Faculty Use Policy

Graduate & Professional Studies faculty may request computer accounts under the following:

  • They are currently teaching, or contracted to teach, a class in the Graduate & Professional Studies Division.
  • Accounts will be valid from the contract signature date through the grade(s) due date (or when grades are submitted, whichever is later).


Graduate & Professional Studies faculty, who are not “day” faculty or adjuncts, are provided computer and technology access through this policy.


Many of our evening faculty do not have access to information resources in their home or business setting. In an effort to encourage the use of technology in the classroom, the College should make computer accounts available to faculty members in the Graduate & Professional Studies Division.

In enacting this policy, it is the hope of the College that users will apply technology to their function as a faculty member. Personal use, while not monitored, is strongly discouraged. As stated in the acceptable use policy, commercial use is prohibited. As with all technology privileges, abuse of this policy, may result in deactivation of computer accounts.