Student Affairs FAQ

Q: When is Fall Orientation?
A: There are many fun events at Fall Orientation. For a complete schedule of Fall Orientation 2017, please check back during the summer. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Student Affairs at (207) 859-1243.

Q Am I required to attend Fall Orientation? 

A: Yes! All first-year students are required to attend Fall Orientation. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Student Affairs office at (207) 859-1243.

Campus Technology

Q: Does Thomas College provide Internet access?
A: Yes! For more information on technology services offered at Thomas College, please check the IT section under Academics. If you wish to have an additional service provided through a local vendor, you may do so on your own and at your own cost; however, the service at Thomas is included with your tech fee – so why not use it!  Also, wireless connections are located throughout campus and most classrooms are equipped for wireless access as well.

Medical Insurance

Q: Does Thomas College provide medical coverage/insurance? 
A: Yes! Thomas College does provide a medical plan for those students who do not have medical coverage of their own or as a supplemental insurance to a student’s primary coverage. Learn more about the plans offered.

Q: What if I have my own medical coverage or I’m on my parent’s policy?
A: If covered on a parent’s health plan, or if a student has their own coverage, a waiver form must be filled out so the applicable charges can be removed from a student’s college bill. Please stop by the Student Financial Services Office if you need this form.

Parking on Campus

Q: Can 1st year students have cars on campus?
A: Yes! All students are permitted to have cars on campus; however, all cars parked on campus need parking stickers to validate them. Parking stickers can be picked up at Fall Orientation check-in or during the first week of school with Public Safety (located on the first floor of the GPH Residence Halls).

Q: Where do students park?
A: Two main parking lots are available on campus for student parking. One is located to the far right of the Administrative Building (south lot) and the other is at the far left (north lot). Both are for commuter students and overflow resident parking. The GPH, Bartlett, Village, Hinman and Townhouse Parking lots are available for Resident parking only and require the appropriate parking sticker. Parking in front of the Administrative Building is reserved for visitor and handicap parking only.

Q: Do I need a parking sticker to park on campus?
A: Yes! Every vehicle on campus is required by Public Safety to have a parking sticker. Stickers are $5 each, which is charged directly to your account in the Fall. Parking stickers can be picked up at the Public Safety Office located on the first floor of the GPH Residence Halls.


Q: When are college breaks scheduled?

A: College breaks are scheduled many times throughout the school year. To view the academic calendar, college breaks, and dates when Residence Halls are closed, please check the Academic Calendar under Academics.