It’s Rewarding To Be a Student-Athlete at Thomas College Web Director | September 25, 2018

Benjamin Carter ’21 says being a student-athlete is very rewarding.

“I think that anyone who wants to be a student-athlete should try to become one,” he said. “It is a big commitment and has its ups and downs, but being a part of the sports family adds a great perspective to the experience of college.”

Benjamin plays men’s soccer at Thomas College. He is studying political science and is passionate about aviation.

Benjamin does not have one hometown, but three. He grew up in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Alaska. He most recently came from Alaska to Thomas, but his favorite place growing up was Tallahassee, Florida.

“I lived in a two-story house with a front and backyard with plenty of space to play. I fell asleep to the Florida State University marching band playing most every night,” he said.

Ben began playing sports at the young of four and has competitively participated in soccer, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, and cross country.

Ben has travelled to 12 different countries, spanning five different continents.

“My parents value seeing the world, so they took me to different countries,” he said. “Growing up, I got to really choose who I wanted to be. I wasn’t forced into doing things. I chose my own path.”

As a second-year at Thomas, Ben reflects on his first year at Thomas. He said it was exciting, but also an adjustment.

“In college, you have a ridiculous amount of time on your hands,” he said. “It was difficult to figure out when was a good time to get my work done. What worked for me in my second semester was setting a goal to get my work done as soon as I get it.”

Ben’s biggest advice to first-year students is to get their work done so they have time for everything else; make good habits early; and, to use their free time well.