Latest Update from Laurie G. Lachance – Safety Plan & COVID Dashboard MacKenzie Riley Young | September 1, 2020

Published: September 1, 2020

To the Thomas College Community,

Nothing has brought me more joy than to see the campus vibrant and active once again as our community reunites–enjoying living, working, and learning together.

Now the real work begins.  Each of us must focus daily and commit to protect each other’s safety.  Truly following our Terrier Pledge and holding each other kindly accountable will give us the very best chance to remain together on campus this fall semester.  I believe that if there is any community that can do it, it is ours!

One of the College’s most important commitments to you is frequent and transparent communications about the health of our campus.  Beginning today, you will be able to access important data related to our community testing strategy on the Coronavirus section of our website.  The data we are sharing are:

  • Total Number of Tests Administered in the last 14 days
  • Total Number of Positive Tests in the last 14 days

These important markers will allow us to share the most critical pieces of information while still protecting the privacy of everyone in our small and tightknit community.  Since our entire community will be tested within every two-week period, reporting over the last 14-days ensures the most accurate assessment of our Community’s health.

The data in our COVID-19 Dashboard will be updated twice a week as it is returned to us by our testing company.  The page will be time stamped, so you will easily know the last time it was updated.  This section of the website also contains links to download the Thomas College Return to Campus Safely Plan and our Campus Testing Plan.

As we continue to adjust to this new, sometimes challenging world, I ask you to remember our pledge to each other:

  • Self-screen daily for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Practice good hygiene, including frequent hand washing
  • Wear a facial covering when appropriate
  • Practice social distancing by remaining 6-feet from others
  • Help to keep shared spaces sanitary
  • Participate in campus testing and contact tracing
  • Observe and follow posted signs and instructions
  • Regularly monitor campus communications for updates
  • Actively encourage others to adhere to our Terrier Pledge
  • Show leadership and kindness in service to our community

Following the pledge may mean you find yourself in a new and uncomfortable situation.  You may need to politely speak up when you see someone who has maybe forgotten to follow one of our safety measures.  For example, if you see someone not wearing a mask when they should, you can say with kindness, “Could you please put your mask on so we can all stay safe and stay on campus?  I really don’t want to have to move home again!”

Together we can do this, Terriers!

For the most recent updates from the Thomas College community, please visit our COVID-19 web page at  You can find more information about the Thomas College Return to Campus Safely Plan at  If you have questions related to COVID-19, please email us at [email protected].

With deep respect,

Laurie G. Lachance