Learning the Music Business Web Director | September 17, 2018

After Cady Beaulieu ’21 graduates from Thomas College, she plans to take over the family business – the music business.

“Music was a huge part of my life growing up. We listened to all different genres of music, and I learned to play a drum set along the way,” she said. “Music is everything to my family, and my dad owns a music shop called “Musicians 1st Choice.”

Since Cady wants to run and own this music shop one day, she decided to study Business Administration at Thomas College. It’s one of the reasons she chose Thomas, plus the ability to finish her bachelor’s degree in three years thanks to the Kiest-Morgan program.

“It’s a great program so far! It may add on more classes to the semester and two classes in the summer, but it’s enough for me to handle.”

Cady is one of 75 incoming students in the Kiest-Morgan program – the largest cohort so far.

Besides academics, Cady is very excited to be a part of the Music Club. She’s glad to be able to have her two loves of business and music at Thomas.

She says that so far the Thomas community has been very welcoming; and, she knows that the courses and professors will help her future.

As a commuter, Cady was worried about making friends – but so far, there have been many opportunities to meet people even though she’s not living in the residence halls.

“Thomas has so many different trips and activities that all the students can be a part of and have opportunities to make new friends,” she said. “I love that there are places in the residence halls, along with the Dog Pound, that you can play different games and are able to hang out with friends. GPH, along with summer and fall orientation, helped me gain more friends.”

As a first-generation student, Cady says it’s a huge deal that she is enrolled in college.

“It gives me the push to be the best I can be and make my family proud of me.”