The Intersection of AI and Education

So, what is generative AI? The Review Geek’s Danny Chadwick provides a good overview with What Is Generative AI?

CyberNews short video What is ChatGPT and What Is It Capable Of gives a quick review of one of the most popular generative AI tools.

One of the best academic papers that seeks to provide guidance to teachers is from Mollick & Mollick at the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Using AI to Implement Effective Teaching Strategies in Classrooms: Five Strategies, Including Prompts

Through the Office of Educational Technology, the US Department of Education is continuing to consider the pedagogical implications and uses of AI and reminds all that; “Everyone in education has a responsibility to harness the good to serve educational priorities while also protecting against the dangers that may arise as a result of AI being integrated in educational technology.”

A variety of individuals with backgrounds in pedagogy and educational technology are also routinely looking into the uses and implications of AI on teaching and learning. Some notable examples include Bryan Alexander’s “What should my grad students read about emerging AI?” and Maha Bali’s“One Year into ChatGPT: Resources & Possible Directions for Educators in 2024”

An excellent example of transforming and expanding work from one format to another is How To Geek’s,How to Use ChatGPT to Transform Writing Into Another Format

The Harvard Business Review puts out an excellent overview of the ethics of AI in 13 Principles for Using AI Responsibly

Faculty Focus provides another excellent example focused on ethics in education with Essential Considerations for Addressing the Possibility of AI-Driven Cheating.

While The ACTUAL Danger of A.I. with Gary Marcus episode of Adam Conover’ podcast, Factually!, looks at a variety of issues concerning people about AI.

Though many of the most up to date and updated materials tend to favor short forms of media and writing (articles, podcasts, blogs, etc…), more in depth coverage is and will continue to emerge. Please take a look at the resources available through Films on Demand and our Library catalog. The best subject terms to use include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Educational Applications.

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