Artificial Intelligence Literacy

Although AI tools have been increasingly incorporated into educational environments over the past years, the recent availability of Generative-AI to the general public has made the calls for AI-Literacy ubiquitous.

General Overview

Components of AI Literacy

  • Basic Understanding: Know the different types of AI, how they genrate results, and how their functions differ.
  • How-to Use Generative-AI : What can you do with AI? Apply basic AI skills to be used in different scenarios.
  • Critical Evaluation of Generative-AI Outputs: Use higher-order thinking skills to evaluate, design, and predict generative-AI outputs. Critique and revise prompts to generate more focused results.
  • Ethical and Societal Issues: Have students evaluate biases, fairness, transparency, privacy, and general impacts of AI in society, including how they can use AI ethically. Consider the risks and benefits of AI.

Literacy Resources

Additional Resources

Training and Professional Development

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