AI Tools & Resources

Among the fastest growing and widely used set of AI tools are those that fall under the category of Generative-AI. These may be broken down further into text generators, image generators and other media generators.

Text Generative AI Tools (a.k.a. Large Language Models)

  • Bard: An AI experiment by Google.
  • ChatGPT: A chatbot developed by OpenAI.
  • Perplexity: A chat tool that has similar capabilities to a search engine.
  • Quino: Summarize, generate bullet points and chat with your document….Organize your notes and evaluate your knowledge.

Image Generative AI Tools

  • DALL-E: An image generator created by OpenAI.
  • MidJourney: An image generator created by an independent research lab.

Media Generative AI Tools

AI Search Engines & Indexes

  • phind: The AI search engine for developers.
  • AI chatbot to search the web.

AI Glossary

  • Learning some of the basic terminology associated with AI is important to understanding this developing area of technology. Glossaries can be a very helpful resource. One of the better freely available glossaries is from the Center of Integrative Research in Computing and Learning Sciences: Glossary of AI for Educators

Additional Resources

Training and Professional Development

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