Meet Future Student: Sam McIntyre ’22 Web Director | March 22, 2018

Sam McIntyre is excited to begin her journey at Thomas College this fall.

“I chose Thomas because it offered me the best program closest to home,” she said. “It has so many opportunities and friendly faces, which will make the transition easier. The guaranteed job program helped my decision, also.”

Sam is from Holden, Maine. She spent a lot of time in dance classes since the age of 5. Her parents divorced early in her life.

“Their divorce brought new people into my life at an early age and forced me to mature quicker, which is what I attribute to my personality today.”Sam McIntyre

Sam found Thomas College through her mom. Her mom’s boss has a daughter, Bridget Jordan ’17, who went to Thomas and loved it.

“I have always been in a small community. My eighth-grade class was 73 kids, and I’m graduating with 135,” said Sam. “When we took a tour of Thomas, I fell in love with the campus and close-knit community.”

At Thomas College, Sam will study Early Childhood Education.

“I have always wanted to work with kids,” said Sam. “But, the exact job changed about two years ago. I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I started working at my dance studio.”

Sam is excited to join the Thomas College family in the fall.

“Starting a new chapter is exciting to me. It is scary, but I’m looking forward to meeting new people and focusing my education towards working with kids, specifically.”