Meet Incoming Student Iris Farley ‘21 Web Director | July 20, 2018

When Iris Farley’s school announced it would be shutting its doors permanently in the spring, the college freshman was devastated. She felt lost. Then, she found Thomas College.

“I chose Thomas College due to the financial stability, small community, and affordability,” she said. “I also wanted a different adventure and environment.”

Iris will study Early Childhood Education and will minor in Psychology. She hopes to become a preschool teacher one day.

“I am most excited about the extracurricular activities at Thomas, like the Mud Run. I enjoy doing new, fun activities and being outside. I also can’t wait to ice skate in the winter,” said Iris.

Iris grew up moving around a lot as her father worked for the United States Coast Guard. She has an older sister and a younger brother who she spent a lot of time with.

“Finding out I wouldn’t be able to go back to Mount Ida this year was heart-wrenching. Mount Ida was my home,” she said. “For a while, not only did I lose my home, but I believed I had lost a chance at a future. Thomas College administration was very helpful and accommodating during this time, and I thank them immensely for that.”

Iris is happy to have a new start but is still sentimental about her close friends she met from Mount Ida.

“I am going to miss my friends immensely, and I know that I can’t fix what has been done; but, I am hopeful I can be successful and find happiness at Thomas College, too.”