Meet New Student: Harrison Mosher ’22 Web Director | August 27, 2018

Harrison Mosher and his family moved between a few towns during his childhood before finally settling down in China, Maine.

“Growing up, I had the chance to explore and learn a lot about the world around me,” he said. “I also learned how to be responsible and how to take care of myself, while at the same time not being afraid to ask for help when needed.”

This year, Harrison will study Business Administration at Thomas College.

“I chose Thomas over all the other colleges in Maine because it came highly recommended to me as a great place to study business with like-minded people,” said Harrison.

He also said Thomas College was convenient for him both geographically and financially. Plus, Thomas College has a great learning environment.

Going into his first year of college, Harrison is excited to meet new people and experience the college lifestyle. harrison mosher

He’s already had a sneak peek into college life by participating in Cross Country at Thomas College.

“The coach has been very kind and supportive to all of us, and as a result, we are a very close group,” said Harrison. “Though we’ve only been together a short time, I look forward to all of the accomplishments we’ll achieve this season.”

Harrison’s dream job is to manage or help run a large company in Maine after graduation.

harrison mosher“I’ve worked all my life to get to where I am now. I won’t take a minute of my time here at Thomas for granted, as I plan to get the most out of my time here.”