Meet Sierra Rhoda MacKenzie Riley Young | December 17, 2019
Sierra Rhoda

Sierra Rhoda ’21 plans to earn her Elementary Education degree in three years and her Master’s in Education in her fourth year. 

“The benefit for me is shaving off an entire year of paying for college,” she says, “and getting into the classroom with students earlier – because that’s where I want to be 24/7.” 

As a Thomas College student, Sierra is building experiences in schools with observations and working with mentor teachers to prepare her for her future career. 

“Thomas gives you so many opportunities for that. Faculty want to get you in the classroom.”  

Inside the classroom, Sierra says she can grow and learn because of the people she interacts with.  

“I believe Thomas College’s Education program is completely different from other programs because the professors are invested in your life. The minute I walk into Dr. Biffle’s class, he’s immediately encouraging us to get every ounce out of our time here. When I walk into Dr. Alexander’s class, he asks me how I’m doing every single day, and he cares about my response. Dr. Rybakova always encourages me to be my enthusiastic self all the time. It’s just wonderful.”  

Adds Sierra, “When you have great working and learning relationships with your professors, you want to work hard, and you do really well. They want to make sure you are having the best experience – that you’re learning to your full potential and using the gifts that you have.”

*This article was originally published in the Fall 2019 Thomas Magazine.