Meet the Class of 2019: Samantha Clark Web Director | April 22, 2019

Samantha Clark ‘19 is excited to be graduating from Thomas College. She’s enjoyed her time here, studying political science and being involved with the College Republicans and the Law and Policy Club. She hopes to one day to be a director and work in policy.

After graduation, she plans to move out of state for an internship – and to further her education with a Master’s in Public Administration.

“Thomas is a good fit for me because it is personalized. At Thomas, you are more than just a student; professors and staff know your name and they are more than willing to help,” she said.

Samantha didn’t begin her college career at Thomas College. She attended another college and realized it wasn’t for her. So, she transferred to Thomas in the spring semester of her freshman year.

“It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Samantha. “Transferring in the middle of the year was hard, everyone already knew each other which can be kind of intimidating but I just got involved and being friendly helped me find my core group of friends.”

Samantha also found support from her professor Jeremy Pare.

“His class was the first class I had a Thomas when I transferred here my freshman year. He welcomed me to the college and went out of his way to make sure I felt comfortable in class when I knew no one,” she said. “I have been in his office several times discussing local politics, and this semester I am also taking a directed study with him on public policy where I am working on publishing a paper. I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.”

She’s also gained skills for after graduation from the Career Services staff on campus.

“Just in the past few months’ Career Services has helped me so much, from going over my resume to helping me look for an internship that could lead to careers,” she said.

Overall, Samantha will miss being at Thomas but she’s glad it’s been her home for the last few years.