Prepared For The Future MacKenzie Riley Young | December 17, 2019

Lilly Friars ’21, a Secondary Education Social Studies student, already feels prepared for her future classroom because of her courses in innovative course topics in technology. 

“I’ve never thought of gaming as a teaching tool but gaining insight into the class really helped me think outside of the box,” she says. “It brought me a new, broad array of ideas to bring into my classroom to help students learn through a different format than just a textbook and writing papers.”  

Lilly Friars

In another class, Lilly learned about new technologies and new teaching methods across the platforms.  

“It’s important knowing, in the 21st century, how to use technologies effectively to help your students learn,” she said.  

Outside of the classroom, Lilly is gaining experience and knowledge from other educators at teaching conferences. As an undergraduate student, she even presented at the New England Secondary School Consortium conference about her studies.  

“I would not get that opportunity at a different school. I had it here at Thomas because I know my professors on a one-to-one basis, and they supported me,” she says. 

She also gained insight in her first year by observing other local teachers educating students, and this spring she will work with a mentor teacher at Waterville Senior High School for two social studies classes. 

Lilly is excited to be a future educator because she believes everyone has the potential to enjoy and to do well in school.  

“I love seeing the creativity and curiosity that comes from people when they’re learning about something they’re actually interested in,” she adds. 

She is eager to help students achieve this excitement and knows Thomas College will help her. 

“I truly feel prepared. I know that when I graduate, I will be confident in the classroom.”  

*This article was originally published in the Fall 2019 Thomas Magazine.