Prepared to Enter the Workforce  Web Director | July 19, 2019

This summer, Kelsey Dubay ‘18, M.B.A. ‘19 is interning with General Dynamics Bath Iron Works in their accounting/finance department. In the fall, she will return to Thomas College to finish up the accelerated M.B.A. in Accounting program.  

Looking back, Kelsey is so happy she chose Thomas for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees.  

“In my internship opportunities, I have met many students from various schools across the country. After talking to them, no business or accounting program at any other college compares to the real-life professional experiences offered to me at Thomas College,” she said. 

“I have been participating in professional, intensive internships since my second semester as a student. I have been offered many jobs and taken on so many opportunities because my professors know someone, or the college has recommended me. I feel so prepared to enter the workforce, and I could not ask for a better community than the one at Thomas College.”  

At Bath Iron Works, Kelsey’s main role is to support the Financial Control and Compliance area of the company. Each month, she runs a monthly overhead performance report, which allows the company to evaluate the financial performance to budget each department on a monthly basis. Kelsey also assists in internal audit preparation and interviews, perform overtime reporting, create journal vouchers and prepare charge.  

“I enjoy working at Bath Iron Works for many reasons. It is a family tradition, as my Dad also works for the company – in a different area,” she said. “And it challenges me each and every day to continue to learn, grow, and be the best version of myself I can be. It is a wonderful company that I am very blessed to have the opportunity to work at.”  

Kelsey said she was prepared for her internships because of the relationships she built at Thomas with professors and Career Development staff.  

“Thomas inspires me because I have been given so many tools, so much support, and an abundance of opportunity. I never thought that I would be able to complete an undergraduate degree in 2.5 years and an MBA in 1 year. I never imagined that I would be 21 years old with an MBA! Thomas inspires me because it has shown me that I can do anything I set my mind to.”