Preparing for a Career in Cybersecurity Web Director | December 21, 2017

Kayla MaheuxKayla Maheux ’18 has developed a passion for cyber while at Thomas College.

A Security and Cyber Defense and Computer Science double-major, Kayla has learned a lot during classes about cybersecurity for businesses – but it wasn’t until she was able to apply that knowledge in internships that she realized her desire for a cybersecurity career someday.

This semester, Kayla is interning with IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., a global leader in veterinary diagnostics and water microbiology testing, in the IT Security and Compliance department.

“My internship has allowed me to work with people around the world in various aspects of the company,” said Kayla. “It has been a great opportunity to see the results of our work being implemented. I have also developed a great understanding of compliance mandates involving cybersecurity.”

“It has been a wonderful learning opportunity and it’s very rewarding to work with people from diverse backgrounds who are experts in their field.

Kayla, who lives and studies in Waterville, is able to complete her workload from home for her internship.

“Periodically, I participate in teleconferences with professionals around the world,” she said. “Working from home has been extremely advantageous because it minimizes travel expenses and awards me with more study time and greater productivity.”

After Kayla graduates from college, she hopes to stay in Maine and pursue a career in cybersecurity. She’ll begin working on her Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification and someday her Master’s degree.

Kayla said she loves the challenge of studying and working in cybersecurity.

“Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Protecting cyber assets requires staying current on all threats, in addition to understanding potential future threats. The need for cybersecurity will continue growing, which will provide endless career opportunities in various specialized concentrations.”

Kayla said Thomas has given her a great foundation and her internships while in college has awarded her with the experienced in figuring out what she would like to specialize in: compliance.

Kayla said Thomas’s focus on internships and real-world experience has helped prepare her for life after graduation.

“When I began my journey at Thomas, I wasn’t aware how fortunate I would be at acquiring internships,” said Kayla. “These internships provided me the opportunity to apply my coursework. Along the way, I have developed a passion for cyber. My internship at IDEXX has been an awesome opportunity and I look forward to pursuing a career in cybersecurity.”