Literacy Education (MS) – On-Campus

Literacy Education – On-Campus Degree Overview

The Thomas College Master of Science in Literacy Education (M.S.L.E.) graduate program delivers coursework in line with the State of Maine literacy specialist certification requirements. The program will prepare you for the teaching experience and other requirements needed for final state certification to teach.

“This program has opened my mind to a deeper and broader way of thinking. They have helped with solidifying what I am doing right as well as what I need to change and make better.”

Shannon Curtis MS ’21, Local Educator

At a Glance

  • 36 credit hours
  • Career-focused curriculum
  • Leadership development

Key Courses

  • Seminar in American Schools
  • Best Practices in Literacy Curriculum
  • Best Practices in Literacy Instruction
  • Children’s Literature
  • Literacy for the Special Learner

Where are program alumni employed?

  • Belgrade Central School
  • Margaret Chase Smith School
  • Durham Community School