A promising future, guaranteed

Discover how our personalized approach puts students on the pathway to achieving their career goals.

Against the backdrop of Maine’s natural beauty, our college town thrums with friendship and progress while our classrooms roar with the power of innovation and promise.

At Thomas College, students are surrounded by the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and educational work opportunities that create experiences beyond the everyday.

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We’re among the Nation’s First Guaranteed Job Programs


Over $14 million in scholarships and grants have been awarded to our students


Students can earn their undergrad degree and a master’s in just four years

Thomas Promise №24

At Thomas College, our low student-to-faculty ratio means a high name-to-face ratio for students.

We’re small enough to know one another by name, but large enough to offer a full, rich and vibrant collegiate experience that students can shape and make their own.

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Grab the kayak early, and make it back in time for accounting.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy four seasons of natural wonder and adventure in and around Waterville. The Kennebec River flows through town and adjacent to campus. Students can explore the area and enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and sailing.

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Making good grades and great friends goes hand-in-hand.

The campus, located along the picturesque Kennebec River near Waterville, Maine, has everything that contributes to college life—and nothing that doesn’t.

Small Enough to Know Students by Name and Hear Their Voice

Thomas College isn’t just a small college experience. It’s a place where our small class sizes lead to student success. Where students are on a first-name basis with faculty from the first day. Where close-knit means classmates are only a phone call away to explore Waterville and our surrounding community.

A Partner on the Pathway to Many ‘Firsts’

Participating in student government. Pitching business ideas to our international competition. Being the first in the family to graduate college—or the first to do it in three years? We know what it takes to do something for the first time, which is why we provide resources like our groundbreaking Guaranteed Job Program™ and innovative Accelerated Degree Programs to ensure our students are supported and successful no matter what their ‘firsts’ are.

A One-Year Head Start

Our accelerated degree programs make college more affordable while still giving students the full college experience. So when they’ve found their dream job requiring a four-year degree, our students will be ready for it in three.