School of Arts & Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences encompasses the academic areas of humanities, sciences, mathematics, criminal justice, social sciences, and computer science for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The School offers courses from a wide range of disciplines that support the variety of majors, minors, and concentrations in all the schools.  Arts and Sciences offers majors in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Political Science, Mathematics, English, Environmental Science and Policy, Interdisciplinary Studies, as well as an Associate degree in Arts and Sciences.  Students can complement their studies with internships and study abroad programs.

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    Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement Concentration) (BS)

    Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement Concentration) Degree Overview The law enforcement concentration will prepare students for a career at the municipal, county, state and federal level. Thomas College has an agreement […]

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    Criminology (MS)

    Criminology Degree Overview The Master’s in Criminology is a unique program in the state of Maine and in the field of criminology, and the only Maine college offering a Master’s […]

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    Cybersecurity (BS)

    Cybersecurity Degree Overview As we become increasingly networked and reliant on technologies like mobile payments, cloud computing, and stored information systems, questions of security and ethical data management matter more […]

  • Program

    Cybersecurity (CAS)

    Cybersecurity Degree Overview In this 15 credit program, you will gain understanding of Cybersecurity. Course work in a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) program will allow you to expand your […]

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    Cybersecurity (MS)

    Cybersecurity Degree Overview There is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, leaving employers struggling to fill more than 400,000 cyber-related roles. This is your opportunity. A Master’s in Cybersecurity at Thomas will […]

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    Digital Media (BS)

    Digital Media Degree Overview As our world continues to become more digitally-connected, demand grows in the marketplace for talented people with a diverse set of skills – technical writing, media […]

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    English (BA)

    English Degree Overview The Thomas College program in English is intellectually challenging, engaging, and enlightening. You’ll graduate with a diverse portfolio of writing that showcases your technical skill, critical thinking […]

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    Environmental Science and Policy (BA)

    Environmental Science and Policy Degree Overview The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science & Policy is a multi-disciplinary science major that encompasses environmental science as well as the policies, regulations, […]

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    Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

    Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Overview Are you having trouble finding a major that fits your unique interests and career goals? Do your interests cut across disciplines, not fitting neatly within existing […]

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    Political Science – Public Administration (BA)

    Political Science – Public Administration Degree Overview The Public Administration concentration in the Political Science program at Thomas College is focused on a career-oriented path. The concentration incorporates a mix […]