Student Finds Recovery Through Extreme Sport Web Director | March 27, 2018

Directly after high school, Jared Bornstein ’20 entered the military. While there, he was at a rifle range when a massive target dropped on his head. Seriously injured, he was given various pain medications during his recovery. Unfortunately, he became addicted to those pills and spent the next two years using drugs.

“And then, I got sober. I’ve been sober for four years now,” said the 26-year-old.

When Jared isn’t studying as a Thomas College student, he’s training.

Before moving back to Maine, a friend encouraged him to try CrossFit. Jared liked it (he still coaches it today), but found he liked something better: Olympic Weightlifting.

Now, he trains all the time and is competitive.

“I train two and a half hours a day, five days a week,” said Jared. “I’m very regimented about what I eat, especially leading up to big competitions.”

“It’s pretty intense training sometimes, but it’s also really rewarding to have daily challenges, to meet them or not meet them, and then figure out what went wrong.”

While training, Jared says he’s enjoyed Thomas College because it’s beneficial for him to be around this type of community.

“I appreciate the support this College gives me in various ways,” he said. “I enjoy the small campus, the close ties to the community, and the ability to have more personal relationships with my peers and professors.”

Jared says he’s happy to have found a passion – that is also good for his wellbeing.

“I like Olympic Weightlifting because it’s something I can do that’s good for my body that doesn’t break it down,” he said. “ It’s not a lot of time spent going out to parties – I can’t do that because of training.”

Jared’s next match – as he refers to it, “the big cheese” in Olympic Weightlifting – is University Nationals from April 19-22 in Ogden, Utah, at Weber State.