Student Gained Insight into Accounting Field at BerryDunn Internship Web Director | August 27, 2018

Cassidy Pinkham ’18, M.B.A. ’19 spent her summer interning with the Portland accounting firm BerryDunn.

As an audit intern, Cassidy had the opportunity to take her classroom learning from Thomas and develop it into real-world situations.

“I have been able to grow my audit learning and have begun to develop analytical skills that are used to conduct audits. I am actively participating in team audit meetings and discussions with employees and clients.”

Cassidy is glad she chose BerryDunn as her first internship.

“Every day I am learning something new. I have had the chance to work within multiple, different audit industries to get a broad learning of what auditing entails.”

Cassidy thinks internships are crucial to students’ growth and opportunity. She says she is thankful that Thomas College is so helpful and committed to finding internship opportunities for students.

“Thomas invited local accounting firms and businesses on campus to conduct interviews. The Career Services Department made students aware of application deadlines and scheduled interviews around classes,” she said. “They also held workshops for students to learn more about internships, interviews, and professionalism. After my interviews, firms contacted me back regarding second interviews and internship offers. The process was simple.”

Cassidy, of Poland, Maine, chose Thomas because she was impressed with the H. Allen Ryan School of Business.

“I knew my time and money here at Thomas would be well spent,” she said. “I also fell in love with Thomas’s welcoming and kind community.”

This year, Cassidy will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and will begin working on her Accelerated MBA.

“My experience at Thomas has been an unforgettable one. The staff members and my professors have been major contributors in fostering my passion for accounting,” she said. “Thomas has helped me grow as a person by providing many opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations throughout campus. I have had the privilege to be in multiple leadership roles on campus that have helped develop many skills that I will need in my career. I have met so many wonderful people here at Thomas and now think of Thomas as my home.”

Someday, Cassidy hopes to be a Principal at a public accounting firm.