At Thomas College, esports are recognized as a varsity program. The Thomas Esports teams have access to a fully-equipped training facility armed with 10 Alienware Area 51 Threadripper computers, a full arsenal of Alienware peripherals, Vertagear gaming chairs, and 3 console-equipped TVs. This facility the Thomas Esports CAVE (Competitive Academic Varsity Esports) is available to players 7 days a week.

As would be expected with any varsity program, Thomas Esports athletes are held to high academic standards and provided with respectively impressive resources to pursue their passion. Players for Thomas Esports are given access to a top-of-the-line facility, are led and taught by an ex-pro head coach in structured practices, and are afforded travel and accommodation to major gaming events and competitions.

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Team Roster

League of Legends

Top: Roger Lightbody
Jungle: Davin Egan – Team Captain
Mid: Zcak Edgecomb
Bot: Josh Wardwell
Support: Sam Maines
Support Bot: Ian Byrd
Substitute Support: Mariah Howard
Substitute Support: Bella Lamontagne
Substitute Support: Nick Roy


Main Tank: Brandon Hough
Off Tank: Sam St. Ogne
DPS: Jackson Gibbons
DPS: Kegan Rodrigue
Support: Jarrod Ponder
Support: Jasmine Kermode
Substitute Support: Aaron Young


Jorden Fowler
Seb Holland


Justin Audet – Team Captain
Sam St. Onge
Kodi Berube
Jasmine Kermode
Curtis Walker
Substitute: Ian Cates
Substitute: James Kiesewetter
Substitute: Tylor Nichols
Substitute: Travis Hunter

Super Smash Bros. 


Michael “DragX” Henderson – Team Captain
Zcak Edgecomb
Blake Tibbets


Michael “TheKid” Tardiff – Team Captain
Marcus “MobileFish” Vaillancourt
Tyler Libby

White Team

Spencer Morgan
Andrew Young
Mariah Howard

Head Coach

Owen Vining