Suite-style living for upper-class students and graduate students.

The townhouses are for upper-class students and graduate students. The two-story townhouse offers private entrances to suite-style living areas made up of double and single rooms with a bathroom on each floor. Every townhouse has a common space on the first floor equipped with a campus phone and cable TV hook-up. Townhouse resident students have access to a common house, which provides a full kitchen, laundry facilities, a computer lab, and student mailboxes.

Beige colored buildings with trees and a blue sky Front view of Thomas College Townhouse Residences

Standard Features

  • Free laundry facilities
  • Wireless internet
  • Access to live TV with a Roku device
  • Study room with computer terminals, printer, and tables
  • Common area with full kitchen
  • Student mailboxes

Additional Features

  • Private entrance
  • Common room and bathroom facilities in each suite
  • Apartment-like layout for students seeking more independence

Room Dimensions

Townhouse suite measurements are varied. Single rooms average 10’x7′ and double rooms are approximately 15’x12′. Each townhouse also includes a small common living space on the first floor for all residents of the townhouse to share.

Room Cost (2024-2025)

Single Room $7,726
Double Room $6,696