Side view of a residence hall building, with another building in the background.

Village Residences

Double and triple rooms for upper-class students.

After your first year at Thomas College, you can choose to live in the Village Residences. The Village residences are two buildings with four areas, and each area is overseen by a Community Assistant. All rooms are equipped with furniture to accommodate three students, even for doubles, and have a private bathroom. The Village rooms have direct access to the Village Quad where students often gather in the spring and fall to enjoy the weather and attend events put on by their Community Assistants. Students living in the Village Residences also have 24-hour access to Bartlett Hall, which houses their mailboxes and also includes an around-the-clock computer study lab, wireless internet, a kitchen and vending machines, quiet study areas, and a lounge with a large flat-screen TV.

Brick residence hall buildings Grassy lawn with brick buildings surrounding it on three sides

Standard Features

  • Free laundry facilities
  • Wireless internet
  • Access to live TV with a Roku device
  • Study room with computer terminals, printer, and tables (in Bartlett Hall)
  • Common area with full kitchen (in Bartlett Hall)
  • Student mailboxes (in Bartlett Hall)

Additional Features

  • Private bathroom facilities in each room
  • Outdoor quad space surrounded by the individual Village Residences buildings
  • 24-hour access to Bartlett Hall

Room Dimensions

Village rooms measures 12’x19′ with a window size of 3’5″ across the top and 4’5″ from top to bottom. Measurements do not include an in-room bathroom.

Room Cost (2024-2025)

Double Room $7,520
Triple Room $6,392