Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) Team

The Thomas College Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) Team is a multidisciplinary team that is dedicated to identifying and supporting students of concern. This is accomplished via a structured, positive approach to assisting students. The CARE Team seeks to formalize the college’s processes for greater communication, collaboration, and coordination of concerns regarding students. Early intervention is the team’s goal. The CARE Team promotes a safe and supportive environment for all students. To that end, the Team seeks to balance the needs of the individual with that of the campus community; initiate appropriate interventions/response without resorting to punitive measures.

Members of CARE Team

The CARE Team meets regularly during the academic year. The CARE Team is comprised of representatives from different areas of the campus community. Additional members from the campus and community will be included in meetings of the CARE Team as necessary.

Primary Membership

  • VPSA
  • Counselor
  • Director Health Services
  • Student Success Representative
  • Athletic Representative
  • Faculty Representative

The Role of the CARE Team

  • Educate and empower the campus community to recognize, report, and effectively address aberrant and concerning behaviors;
  • Gather information provided by the Thomas community to assess situations involving students who display concerning or disruptive behaviors and develop and implement an appropriate action plan;
  • Act proactively to assist students;
  • Connect students with needed campus and community resources;
  • Maintain confidentiality and handle all matters discreetly;
  • Recommend interventions or action as appropriate;
  • Monitor ongoing behavior of students who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

The CARE Team process does not replace faculty classroom management, residence halls protocols, disciplinary processes, and/or public safety responses to incidents.


For more information, please email Lisa Desautels-Poliquin, Dean of Student Affairs, at ([email protected]) or Carol Jollotta, Counselor, at ([email protected]).