Peer-Led Team Learning

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) integrates workshops led by a Peer Academic Leader (PAL) into course work. Workshops complement faculty instruction through facilitated problem-solving, academic skill development, and discussion of course content. Moreover, workshops also extend focused time on course content and academic skill development beyond the typical class time.

Students participate in one-hour workshops each week as a course requirement. Meeting times are established at the beginning of each semester to accommodate 6 to 8 students per weekly workshop. For example, a class with 20 students would have 4 sessions per week and students would participate in 1 session each week.

Workshops are led by Peer Academic Leaders (PAL). PALs are Thomas students who are academically successful, have completed the course, and are recruited, trained and supervised by the PLTL Coordinator in cooperation with the course instructor.

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Matthew Nash