Technology Services

Labs, Clusters, and Sign-outs

Five labs are available to all students in classrooms AD-126, AD-225, AL-116, AL-204 and the library. Workstation clusters are available in the various locations and res. halls around campus. The labs are staffed by Services Desk support staff when open. Residence hall clusters and a section of the library are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The library has several dozen notebooks and tablets available for sign-out.


Each student receives a Windows/Network computer account ID (username) and password giving them e-mail, individual storage space, a Moodle account for online classes, an Azure Dev Tools for Teaching account for course-related Microsoft software downloads. Federated accounts are also created in Microsoft, Google, Adobe and Apple clouds.

Internet and Internet2 Access

Each student may access the Internet or Internet2 from any device registered on the Thomas College network.

Off-Campus Access

Students may access almost all Thomas College resources from off-campus including access to myThomas, e-mail, storage, printers, Office365, Moodle, and the Thomas Intranet.


Faxes may also be sent out from our front desk for a nominal fee.

Residence Hall Room Network

For instructions specific to your operating system, please see the directions at . IT Services personnel will conduct a computer configuration workshop one of the first days after you arrive. After that, please call 207-859-1204 or visit the Service Desk in the Library for assistance.

Residence Hall Room Telephone

1. Your personal cell phone

  • Favored by most students
  • You may want to change your phone number to a local number for the next four years
  • Both CDMA and GSM networks (used by most carriers) work well on our campus
    Verizon wireless seems to have the best signal and highest speed data service
  • AT&T and U.S. Cellular systems seem to work well too

2. House phones

  • Available in many lounges, halls, or common spaces

Residence Hall Room Cable TV

The Spectrum TV service and channels are available from or the SpectrumU app. This app is available on most tablets and smartphones from anywhere on campus (via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable). You may also connect your device to a TV for viewing on a larger screen. Many Smart TVs can run the Spectrum TV app. If you have a TV that cannot, we recommend buying an infrared-based Roku device for about $30.

A channel line-up may be found at