For eligible students, Thomas has a dedicated TRIO Student Support Services program. Funded through a U.S. Department of Education grant, the program provides academic and personal support to students who are first generation, are from families of modest incomes, and/or who have an identified disability. The benefits include individualized academic coaching, financial literacy development, college planning support for families, and more.

“Being part of the TRIO program at Thomas College helped me significantly with adjusting through my first year, and reaching my goals while maintaining my physical and emotional health.”

– Arynne Barns, Third-year TRIO student


Individualized Academic Coaching

TRIO Student Support Services participants work with a TRIO Specialist during their time at Thomas College to create individualized success plans that focus on academic development, financial literacy, and personal development. This approach to student success builds on a student’s academic strengths and fosters success through targeted one-on-one meetings with a professional TRIO Student Support Services staff member. Students are thus empowered to translate their own goals into actions!

May Intensive Course

At the end of May, TRIO Student Support Services offers an intensive course for TRIO Student Support Services participants. Similar to EDGE, the May intensive course allows students to earn a free three-credit course in the week after the spring semester ends. This course will count toward their degree completion.

Guaranteed Job Program™️ Coaching

The Guaranteed Job Program™ is a unique benefit to all qualifying students at Thomas College. TRIO Student Support Services participants will work closely with their TRIO Specialist to make sure that they are meeting the requirements each year to be eligible for the program.

College Planning Support for Families

TRIO Student Support Services works to send information to home to families about upcoming important dates and deadlines that are relevant to their students. The program also provides information on the educational workshops and cultural events that are available to their students that are participating in the TRIO Student Support Services Program.

Graduate or Professional School Application Assistance

TRIO Specialists work with students who are interested in pursuing graduate school or professional school after graduating from Thomas College. TRIO Student Support Services participants will receive guidance from start to finish – from identifying schools to programs, to receiving help filling out the application, to preparing for interviews and graduate exams.

Educational Workshops and Cultural Events

Educational workshops and cultural opportunities will be available to TRIO participants. Some examples of the events and programming we have provided are: office open houses, graduate school fairs, career fairs, museum trips, and outdoor excursions.

Interest Form

Students who are interested in TRIO participation should complete the application linked below. The link will direct you to sign into your myThomas account and complete an online application. Once submitted, the TRIO Director will review the application and reach out to students via email regarding their eligibility. Feel free to reach out to the TRIO Director with any questions.