Student Profile: Emily Dufour ’18 Web Director | November 20, 2017

Emily DufourNeither of Emily Dufour’s parents attended college. She is the first.

“Being a first-generation college student put pressure on me to grab any opportunity this school had to offer, whether through job opportunities, possible internships, or networking with my professors,” she said.

“Going through college as a first-generation student allowed me to grow my independence and confidence. With the experience I’ve had, I can now guide others, including my younger brother who is a current freshman attending Thomas.”

Emily, a Waterville native, said without the help of scholarships, she wouldn’t be finishing her degree – this year or in the near future.

“The help of the scholarships, donor contributions, and the patience of the Student Financial Services office is incredible,” she said.

Emily said paying for college by herself has not been easy.

“Working a work-study job, an internship, taking classes, and participating in extracurricular activities comes with some sacrifice,” she said. “But, when I look at the overall picture
– walking across the stage with a diploma in hand, these sacrifices do not seem as relevant.”

Emily, a marketing management major, has worked at two internships during her college career – one with Waterville Creates! as a marketing intern and the other for the Institute for Family Owned Business. She says she has learned a great deal in the marketing field and enjoyed the opportunities.

“Earning my degree in the spring would not have been possible if not for the amazing generosity of the Thomas donors,” she said.

“If you could feel the atmosphere on campus during our annual Day of Giving, you could truly experience the appreciation of each and every dollar donated to our students. Thank you for investing in me and my Thomas classmates, who are truly valuable.”

*This was originally published in the Fall 2017 Thomas Magazine.