Student Profile: Isaac Salisbury ’20 Web Director | August 28, 2018

Isaac Salisbury says he’s returning to Thomas College again this year because of the Thomas family. He was greeted so warmly when he came back to campus and says he’s gotten the same friendly greeting since he came to Thomas for the first time.

He’s always had a connection to the College. Isaac’s dad, Mike Salisbury, graduated from Thomas College in 1992.

“My dad loved Thomas when he went there. He has always told me that it was a great place to meet people and experience life’s twists and turns. He was also on the golf team,” said Isaac. “I see my dad’s picture on the wall, and I can say that there is some Salisbury history here at Thomas College.”

Isaac grew up in southern Maine playing tons of sports, but golf has always been his biggest love.

At Thomas, the Sports Management major is on the golf team, and this summer he had a boatwright internship at the Maine State Golf Association.

Isaac’s dream job is to work in sports information at the United States Golf Association.



Although Isaac has made many connections with people at Thomas, his most memorable has been with Professor Richard Biffle.

“Professor Biffle is somebody I know that I can go to anytime I need to, when I am feeling happy or sad,” he said. “He feels like a friend to me, rather than a professor. I highly recommend taking one of his classes. He is someone with an amazing story and knowledge of the world.”


Isaac said high school students should consider attending Thomas because it is like no other college.

“Every time someone asks, ‘Hey what is Thomas like?’ I respond, ‘A place where friends, staff, and faculty want you to succeed.’ I truly mean it when I say it. Thomas is here for you if you are willing to put in the effort for yourself.”

As a junior at Thomas, he is excited to see where the rest of his college career and beyond will go.

“Thomas has shown me that there is more to college than just a pencil, paper, and a textbook. There is a family here. I know I have made connections that will last a lifetime,” said Isaac.