Student Stories
Student Spotlight – Connor Pellerin Web Director | September 23, 2022

Connor Pellerin ’23 is an English major who decided that Admissions work was a dream he wanted to become a reality.  Today, he is the Underclassmen Recruiter for the Thomas College Admissions Office, spreading his love and compassion for Thomas College to future terriers around the globe.

Connor has always been into writing and public speaking.  Whether its poetry, short stories, play scripts, or even writing business proposals, Connor’s always had that predilection for putting pen to paper and writing his heart out.  He also has the passion for acting and public speaking; often seen either acting on the Thomas College Stage Company or giving a speech in front of his fellow students about topics such as Global Warming.  However, Connor has always had that urge to want to spread his passion for Thomas College ever since his first day as a Thomas Terrier.  Today, he lives that passion as the newest member of the Thomas College Admissions Team!

“My passion and love for this school [Thomas College] has always been present in my heart.  The feeling of community that you feel as you pull onto campus is like no other.  Not to mention the amazing staff and faculty along with the greatest student population, you can’t get any better than Thomas College.  I wanted to take this passion and spread it to prospective students who could become Terriers themselves.  I first started out as a Student Ambassador, and then when I was offered the position as Underclassmen Recruiter, I had to take it!  What could be better than getting to talk to students at work about why they should apply to Thomas College and get to spread my love for the Terrier Family to those around the world?”

Connor is so excited to have this new position, he quotes that the Thomas admissions team feels like his “second family.”  Connor has also been assisting in the marketing department at Thomas as well, publishing the Terrier Round-Up newsletter every week along with the monthly issue of Terrier Tracks.  He’s beyond thrilled for this opportunity, and truly is taking his passion and dreams to new heights and turning them into a reality.