Terrier STAR: Bonnie Buckmore Web Director | March 1, 2019

Bonnie Buckmore ’13, ’17 is known for her attention to detail, commitment to the College and her job as Database Administrator, and her friendly demeanor.

“Bonnie is one of the unsung heroes at Thomas,” said one senior official. “Behind the scenes to most people, her work is vital to cultivating and stewarding the College’s supporters.  She is meticulous in her work, gifted in her talents, and just an awful lot of fun to be around.  Oh – and caring too!”

Her attention to detail is like no others.

“She notices every error before a publication goes out. Bonnie helps others and is always dedicated to making Thomas College look the best they can with accuracy and organization,” said another co-worker.

Bonnie is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for her dedication, lending a “helping hand”, and loyalty.

“Bonnie is known in the Advancement Office for going above and beyond in everything she does. Her commitment level is unparalleled,” said a colleague. “She is also a joy to work with personally; she is known for her infectious laugh and her caring nature.”