Terrier STAR: Cote Theriault Web Director | September 4, 2018

College books are expensive and can be a burden to students. It can be even more of a burden to low-income, first-generation students who are often paying for college on their own.

Cote Theriault wanted to do something to help these students who were struggling to pay for textbooks. So, using resources the Student Success Center already had – she organized and implemented a lending library for students at Thomas College. She keeps a working catalog of textbooks available and contacts students about lending them out.

Since creating the lending library, she has saved students a total of $2,500 in textbook costs.

“The students are so grateful for her work that they have begun leaving books with her for other students to use in future semesters,” said a colleague.

Because Cote, who has worked at Thomas College for three years, is so committed to serving Thomas College’s student she is awarded the Terrier STAR award for her originality, exceptional customer service, dedication, compassion, lending a “helping hand”, Thomas Pride, positivity, and loyalty.

Cote is also innovative in the way she gives students access to academic assistance. As the Peer Tutoring Coordinator, she leads a team of student tutors. She’s been able to find new ways to reach students throughout the academic year, like bringing student tutors into the residence halls for easier access.

“Everything Cote does is for our students,” said another colleague. “She has developed new approaches, training models, and processes to drive our usage rates higher. Cote is creative in how she leverages data in the design for her programming and the programming of student success.”

Plus, Cote is always willing to lend a hand if it means she can help students fulfill their dreams.